Hi, I’m Loz – Owner, Creator and Design Director at The Pea Hive. 

I’ve been an artist since I was very young; having my first piece exhibited in Stockport Art Gallery at the age of 10, and going on to hold my first solo portraits exhibition in London in 2014. I have also illustrated numerous children’s books and provided artwork for animated music videos in the United States.

I set up The Pea Hive at the end of 2019 and we have been creating custom art and handcrafted jewellery ever since.

The Pea Hive is run from home (the ‘hive’) and everyone gets very much involved. This is why I refer to us as ‘we’ instead of ‘me’ – although it is essentially my business. Ours is a small cottage industry based on the love of the craft, and each piece is 100% unique.

I’m inspired by nature; particularly woodland, forests and the ocean. There’s also the materialistic side of me that loves bold, bright colours, glitter and solid shapes. When creating and designing a piece I keep all of these facets of inspiration in mind.

I’m always keen to try new materials and techniques, so don’t be surprised if one piece or collection differs completely to another!

Thanks for visiting our little store, and I hope you enjoy our creations.